Top-Rated Web Host Providers for Photography Websites

Looking for a web host service provider for your photography site? Look no further and check these top-rated web hosts for photography websites!


Let’s face it – choosing the right web hosting service provider for your photography website can be a tricky process. Some web host companies have printing partnership that enables to print orders that are ordered directly from your website and there are web host companies that don’t offer e-commerce services or solutions at all. There are host companies that offer unlimited space or bandwidth and there are others who give free domains. It all comes down to deciding what is most important to you and choose web host company that meets your specific needs.

We always advise photographers to stick to websites hosts that offer flexibility, customization, and a limitless number of templates. If you decide to use the services of these web host companies, you will have access to the features and tools that can be pretty useful to you as a photographer. Also, there is another reason to stick with a photography-focused host service provider.

Their customer service department, as well, as their online resources will be much more prepared towards dealing with issues that are common for photographers – whether it is adjusting the prices of your photos sold or getting a gallery to showcase the way you prefer.

Here are the best and top-rated web host providers for photography websites:

  • SmugMug – This is one of the biggest photographic website hosting companies on the web. This company offers 4 hosting plans – Basic, Power, Pro, and Business. You can use the 14-day trial and decide which plan suits you the most.
  • Squarespace – This company offers a huge selection of modern templates and simple drag-and-drop website-building tool. This hosting provider is ideal for those photographers who are looking to build a personal website for portfolio or photo backup purposes.
  • Photodeck – Even though this is a relatively new web host service provider on the market, it has already gained a popularity and impeccable reputation among the photographers. It offers a huge selection of services and tools that cater specifically to the needs and requirements of photographers!
  • Zenfolio – Another popular and well-respected hosting company. They offer 3 hosting plans – Starter, Pro, and Advanced! Although none of these plans are free of charge, you can use the 14-day free trial and choose the best one for you!

Besides these hosting providers, you can also check 500px, Photoshelter, and WordPress.

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