5 Important Photography Websites Trends for 2017

You want to run a modern and organized photography website? Here are the 5 most important photography website trends you must follow!

Photography is an essential tool that every photographer, designer, and artists put to work sooner or later. In this article, we are going to present the most important trends every photographer, designer, and artist should know! We aren’t talking about trends in photography business or photography industry, but trends in the way photos are used in web design.

Some of the trends we are going to mention are pretty obvious, while others are discussed and frequently used.

  1. Super sized backgrounds – This is probably one of the most popular trends. This is an approach that is used by many professional websites and it is proven to be extremely effective. Even though this is a very popular approach, it doesn’t mean that it should be abandoned.
  2. Monochrome photos – By adopting the monochrome trend, the photos will take a new way of communication. Color can be utilized to set the tone of the website. By using a single tone in the photo, you can reflect the emotion in the design. For example, red feel alive, vibrant, energetic, blue feels stable, safe, corporate, and etc.
  3. Muted photos – The muted photos are like vintage photos. They have a vintage vibe in them. Usually, these photos are combined with bright text over the top of the photograph. This trend is usually connected to the hipster style, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it.
  4. Photography for tone and atmosphere – You need to keep in mind that a decorative photo tone, as well as, the atmosphere can be a very important part of your photography website’s success. If you want to separate yourself and your photography business from the crowd you need to learn how to use decorative photos.
  5. Knolling – This is a process of lining up objects into 90-degree angles so you can create a feel and sense of organization. This is a very unique and popular approach that all designers should use. The style is usually related to a hipster or free style of design, however, we all know that there is more to it that hipster style.

We hope that by using these five essential trends, you will be able to improve your photography website so you can attract more visitors and potential clients!

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